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We offer natural therapies, traditional yoga classes in the heart of Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
We are home to many of the area’s senior yoga teachers and offer live and in studio classes, courses and community events.

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Yoga and philosophy in the season of Autumn and the Element of Metal.

In the Autumn season, we focus on the release and tonification of the chest, upper back, arms, hips and hara (belly centre) to balance and cultivate the element of Metal.

Autumn and the Metal Element are phases that are strongly aligned with the energy of falling, decline and release in our bodies, in nature, even among the stars and planets.

This is the phase in nature where the harvest is sorted, traded or stored and we go about our preparations for the coming winter. Through Autumn we gain strength by all that we give away, prune back, sort through and jettison. Unlike the Spring and Summer phases of creation and becoming, this Element is about our capacity to surrender.

Not surprisingly it governs the organs and channels of the Lungs and Large Intestines.

Seasonal Yoga leans into alignment with the seasonal, cosmic and personal cycles unfolding in our lives. It is a merger of the Five Element Theory, Taoist philosophy and Hatha Yoga that deepens our natural connection to the wild world around us. As we understand and better accept our place in the scheme of the whole, we also develop a broader and higher view of life’s tides. This higher perspective is what helps us find and maintain the steadiness of the middle path and lean into the very best version of ourselves this lifetime.