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We offer livestreamed traditional yoga classes and a weekly in studio practice at Warriewood Beach in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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Yoga and philosophy in the season of Winter and the Element of Water.

In the Winter season, we focus on strengthening and unwinding the back lines of the body; the spine, nervous system and sacrum. Winter brings our focus to building the quality of the hara (belly centre) to draw us in and down. Water serves our foundations, cutivating the quality of inner strength, resilience and calm.

Winter and the Water Element are phases that are strongly aligned with the quality of our life force; edurance, determination and wisdom. We liken this phase to the resolution and trust required by water as it undertakes its long and winding return to the sea.

In this cycle the very best of the harvest is stowed in the dark in the larder. The seed stock that is next years prosperity and abundance now rests. Shorter days ensure we retire early and sleep late – Rest and restoration are the signatures of the season. Through Winter we gain strength in all the ways that return us to our own enduring ocean – the one behind the eyes and at the back of the mind. Detached and drawn back from the influences of others we take this time to inquire after ourselves, building our inner reserves, preparing for the effort of spring.

Not surprisingly it governs the deep organs and channels of the Kidneys and Bladder (including the nervous system) at the back of the body.

Seasonal Yoga leans into alignment with the seasonal, cosmic and personal cycles unfolding in our lives. It is a merger of the Five Element Theory, Taoist philosophy and Hatha Yoga that deepens the natural connection to the wild world around us that so many of us have lost touch with. As we understand and better accept our place in the scheme of the whole, we also develop a broader and higher view of life’s tides. This higher perspective is what helps us find and maintain the steadiness of the middle path and lean into the very best version of ourselves this lifetime.