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Yoga and Natural Therapies Mona Vale

Yoga & Health Collective is a bunch of genuine folk working together, providing yoga & natural therapies services, in a spirit of health and well being on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Owner Yolande Hyde embarked on a journey of dreams 10 years ago with the opening of her first studio in the Jacaranda canopy in Avalon NSW, she now holds the space for a larger and diverse yoga community in the upper reaches of Sydney’s northernmost peninsula. Yolande’s creativity and gentle nature form the scaffold of the center, the vehicle that drives an outstanding practitioner clinic and a diverse platform of senior yoga teachers, classes and yogic studies.

Our Natural Therapies Clinic offers specialists in natural fertility, pregnancy massage, individual and relationship counselling, kinesiology, acupuncture, remedial massage, nutrition, hypnotherapy and naturopathy to name just a few. On the spot health fund claims are available for most practitioners, ask at reception when making your booking.

The Yoga rooms play host to some of the most senior teachers on the beaches and as such, we attract a crowd of yogis looking for a higher quality of practice as well as student teachers, those looking for remedial practices, beginners and intermediate students alike. Our teachers are Yoga Australia registered and as such, claims can be made against your health insurance for your yoga practice where applicable.

Our staff are yoga teachers and healing professionals in their own right and can help to guide you to the best yoga class or most appropriate natural therapy practitioner.

All our practitioners, support staff and teachers are followers of their hearts and resonate with the humility of seekers. This place holds a sacred space for YOU – For your health, for the light of your heart and for all that you need to be the best you can be.

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Yoga & Natural Therapies Mona Vale

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Yoga and Natural Therapies

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