As we reach and settle into the mid-winter realms we draw in and become increasingly still on purpose, its like we huddle together on the inside to protect ourselves from the cold on the outside. Unlike the rising and expanding seasons of summer and spring, there is an undeniable urge to be quiet and take rest. Water rolls over the landscape, sometimes hesitant, sometimes determined however it lacks the push of the spring or the pull of the autumn, offering instead a simple attempt to fill an empty space, a crevice, a cranny, smoothing and enveloping, valley or peak, and leaving behind it a sense of calm and clarity. Moving as a tide, we can catch this deep watery ebb best in the winter months and follow its path back to the Atma, the ocean of ourselves. Winters tide is unrelenting, smoothing over all that defies it, polishing our rough exterior to a glassy surface, distilling our fears and trepidations, bringing us back into connection with true selves.

Water holds the potency of the end of the growing cycles in nature, all things return to their source; leaves, flowers and fruit to the earth, rivers to oceans, Water is the great unifier, drawing all things, not to a close but to a closed circle.

“The gift of Wood is to start
The gift of Fire is to relate
The gift of Earth is to sustain
The gift of Metal is to extract
And the gift of Water is the ability to rejoin”
– Nora Franglen

Join me for flow-based practices this winter, working the channels of Kidneys and Bladder to support and tonify the Water element in Winters lone return to its source.

Wednesdays 9.30 Intermediate
Thursdays 10.30 Easy practice
Saturdays 8.00 am Intermediate

Winter Seasonal Yoga Intensive July 4th – 8th
6.30 – 8.00 am
Bookings only – please follow this link 

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