Five Element Theory Open Lecture Series

With: Yolande Hyde
When: January 13, February 10, March 10 | 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Investment: $300
Where: Online | Live and Prerecorded

Mother and Baby Yoga
Through 2020 vision we realised the answer to a meaningful life was not found in distancing ourselves from nature, but in a full scale return to it and the calling for a collective reset has been strong.

This is your opportunity to study a nature-based theory that has remain unchanged and unchallenged for thousands of years. To lean into the teachings and language of the ancient Taoists and the Five Element Theory as a means to recreate balance and harmony in your everyday life.

This 3 part series offers you an open pathway to re-centre, repair and return to flow with the natural cycles within and around you. This course is open to all souls ready to align with personal growth and deep nature connection.

Course includes:
Yin Yang theory – more beautiful than you can imagine
The movement of the Five Element Wheel
Channel theory
The elements in the world around you
Psychology of the elements
and for the first time, Cosmology of the elements

Earlybird pricing available until 14/12 saves you $50 on enrollment.

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