Yoga Evolution | Individually tailored yoga

With: Tracy Chambers
When: Please contact us to book a time that suits you best.
$275 in studio
$250 via zoom

Mother and Baby Yoga
We are delighted to introduce a new way of practicing yoga that gives you a finely honed specific practice, flexibility, autonomy, creativity and all the benefits of one on one guidance with a highly qualified and well regarded teacher.
Choose from one (or more) of the following 4 week programs
Anxiety and stress relief | Upper back, shoulders & neck | Lower back, hips and legs | Strength and Stability | Awakening the Light Body | The Conscious Creator
Each 4 week practice package includes
> 30 minute initial assessment of your needs and goals
> Personalized home practice
> 4 x 60 minute sessions held weekly at a time that suits you
> Online in your own home or in-studio option available
> Instruction in breath work (pranayama), EFT tapping, gentle Hatha yoga, guided meditations, Qigong, mind creation techniques and more…
> All packages are experiential and uniquely tailored to the individual.
Interested? Read on…
Break the cycle of stress and anxiety and it’s negative effects on body and mind with powerful, simple practices to bring comfort, ease and clarity. This program gives you the tools for life you may not have been able to access elsewhere.
Neck and shoulder pain got you down? Learn yogic tools to deal with upper back issues to bring ease and strength, help correct alignment and feel strong, clear and empowered on your life journey
2 in 5 Australian suffer from some form of chronic back pain. Learn yogic tools to deal with lower back issues to bring ease and strength, help correct alignment and feel strong and confident on your life journey
There comes a time in life when the need for strength and stability far out weigh the need for flexibility. Ground yourself in a
personal practice to build strength and balance to travel life’s highway with confidence.
It is a powerful time for humanity to awaken. The calling is upon us and perhaps it calls to you loudly. Take a personal journey into your heart and spirit to awaken your own unique energy. Discover tools to raise your frequency moment by moment, to lift your spirits and align to your life purpose.
Our most powerful companions are the heart, mind and breath. Use practices to empower yourself and your direction and become the manifestor of your own life. A beautiful and powerful fusion based on the work of modern day and ancient mystics including Dr Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, Deepak Chopra and more

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