Natural Therapies

Natural Therapies or Complementary medicine are the simple terms used to describe a group of both diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines that work together to complement conventional medicine. An example might be the use of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support a woman as she goes through a pregnancy under the care of a midwife or obstetrician.

We offer a range of alternative and complementary practitioners under one roof, diverse services that can support you through life changes, illness, recovery and personal or family challenges.


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Yoga Classes Mona Vale

Adam is a highly regarded author and sports chiropractor providing, among other treatments, an advanced and highly effective form of tissue release called Active Release Technique to both his regular clients and professional athletes. Adam has experience working for one of Australia’s top orthopaedic surgeons – Dr Munjed Al-Muderis in his rehabilitation clinic in Bella Vista, where Adam worked on difficult hip and knee surgical cases and served as a specialist adviser in the assessment of leg amputees.

Adam is taking appointments Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
Easily boook online here or call Adam on 0468 749 223

Yoga Classes Mona Vale
Matt has a particular interest in sports related injuries, age related problems, nutrition, treatment of pelvic imbalance, and upper cross syndrome (deskbound neck/shoulder pain). He has also conducted lectures at health and wellness seminars on primal movement patterns and their association with physiological health, and corporate wellness events on how to address desk bound movement restrictions. A highly regarded therapist and coach.
For bookings please call 1300 838 110
Yoga Classes Mona Vale

Sue Booth

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Midwife


Sue is an acupuncturist, a herbalist, and a midwife with her primary interest being in women’s reproductive health, receiving referrals from obstetricians and midwives all over Sydney.

For Bookings Call 0452 552 121

Yolande Hyde April 2020

Yolande Hyde
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a long-established and recognized corrective system in India that is now an emerging profession in West. Considered to be an antidote to the modern world, people are finding healing and solace in its holistic approach. Yolande uses a unique blend of traditional yogic methods, Five Element Theory and Taoist philosophy to prepare healing and strengthening sequences for her clients. These practices will include guided meditataion and pranayama (breathwork) in equal measure to any physical asana (postures).  

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