Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Based Coaching

How it works
In the process of mindfulness based coaching we look at putting in place goals and actions that will help you live with less stress, more purpose and increased meaning. Coaching can be for a range of life issues and we also do coaching around money and workplace issues. It is generally a forward looking process where we assist you in bringing about the change you desire.
Counselling and Psychotherapy assist in allowing you to develop more self-awareness around your current painful or stressful situations. By doing this you create more space for allowing change and healing to occur. The main issues assisted by counselling and psychotherapy are around relationships, anxiety, stress, depression or having a life transition or change. Depending on the issue the process may assist in healing the hurts from the past.
There are many different modalities for coaching, counselling and psychotherapy and we work in a holistic way with clients and tailor our approach to each individual. We use a combination of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), positive psychology, various coaching approaches, brief dynamic therapy and focusing to assist clients.
At the heart of our practice is the relationship with the client as this is the place where change starts to occur. We believe that through using an empathic and understanding approach we are able to create a trusting open space for our sessions.

Most Commonly Treated Conditions
We assist clients to mindfully gain a greater understanding of how their thoughts, emotions and habitual patterns are influencing their lives and then develop tools and ways to manage these more effectively to allow increased acceptance, peace, fulfilment and joy. We can assist with the following issues:
• Relationships –how to more effectively understand difficult behaviours/patterns and communication problems for happier, more conscious fulfilling relationships
• Anxiety – understanding the issues, negative behaviours and thoughts causing the anxiety and using approaches and tools to more effectively manage the anxiety.
• Stress – Managing and becoming more resilient to stress through mindfulness and mindfulness based tools.
• Depression –Assisting clients to reduce the various symptoms of depression through mindfulness based therapy and meditation.
• Life issues/ Managing change – Assisting you develop more clarity, understanding and perspective around various life issues and changes that are happening in your life.
• Money coaching – Mindfully becoming aware of limiting money related beliefs and to effectively manage stress / anxiety over money related issues and decisions.
• Workplace issues- Reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm for enhanced performance, improved focus and improved emotional intelligence.
• Grief and Loss – Assisting you find inner calm, clarity and the strength to deal with various forms of grief and loss.

How long does it take to treat a condition?
The time taken will depend on each individual situation and what the issues are. Sometimes it may only take a few sessions and other times it could take a few months. However if you regularly practice the various mindfulness approaches and tools you should start to see some changes within in a few weeks.

Our Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Based Coaching Practitioners
GAVIN EICHHOLZ – Masters in Counselling/Psychotherapy, Advanced Psych-K Facilitator, Certificate of Hypnosis, Dip Financial Planning, Bachelor Business Science (Hons), CA
Gavin is a mindfulness based coach/trainer, money coach and psychotherapist who has completed a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy. He has extensive knowledge, understanding and training in mindfulness both formally and through working with mindfulness teachers and supervisors.
Gavin is also a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience working in corporates, accounting practices and financial planning. He does money coaching for individuals on using mindfulness to become aware of limiting money related beliefs and to effectively manage stress / anxiety over money related issues and decisions. He also assists clients to determine their financial goals, monitor their spending habits and develop and maintain a positive relationship with money.
Gavin brings present awareness, calmness, compassion and empathic support into his interactions with clients. He has a passion for sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others through facilitating mindfulness and meditation sessions with individuals, groups or in workplaces. He also runs mindfulness in nature and mindfulness and money workshops.

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