Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy in a Nut Shell  Yoga Therapy is a long-established and recognized holistic system in India that is now an emerging profession in West.


Yoga, from its inception, is intimately personal and deeply experiential. Only the practitioner can experience his or her yoga, its innumerable principles, many potent techniques, the tools and the rich science it is in itself. Nurtured and strengthened by an uninterrupted lineage of great masters, yoga therapy aims to overcome physical and emotional challenges and alleviate pain so that the deeper practices of life yoga can bear their fruit.


What can it Treat?
An effective treatment method for musculo skeletal injury, emotional imbalances, organ system disorders, nervous system rehabilitation and maintenance to name just a few.  


How does it work?
Yoga asanas provide a unique method of creating balance in the body and mind where conventional stretching exercises fall short. With a strong emphasis on alignment and focus on subtle actions yoga therapy can create lasting change from the inside out. Yoga can accomplish more with one pose than five separate physical therapy exercises and is specifically tailored to your body, your mind and your health.


Yogic practices are very effective in the treatment of various functional and psycho-physiological disorders. When Yogic practices are used either as a complimentary or as in some cases, a substitute to the conventional treatments, there exists cultivation of responsibility for ones own healing journey. Within this environment of accountability personal growth, and so healing is more likely in the short term, the long-term and possibly, as a permanent state.


What can Yoga Therapy give me that I don’t already have?
The most striking difference between yoga and conventional physical therapy is the attention paid to breath. Breath being the one thing that connects our minds to our bodies for more conscious movement and awareness and so deeper possibilities for repair.


Yoga shifts the body into a more relaxed state by switching from the fight or flight of regular exercise/daily life into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the only environment in which the body can heal. A simple cat/cow manoeuvre from all fours is transformed when we add the power of the breath to its wave like movement.


What happens in a Yoga Therapy session?
Personal therapy starts with a one-on-one diagnosis to listen, observe and discuss before a corrective and personalized yoga program is prescribed, one which is designed to have particular healing qualities for the individual. In some cases we open dialogue with your doctor or therapist (with your permission) to make sure that your session supports the work you are already doing and is in keeping with the goals of your main care giver. A wide range of mental and physical practices are employed, ranging from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Regular practice of which not only helps in developing a strength and clarity of mind and body but also provides a balance to the hectic pace and the plugged in downloaded gait of a modern life style.


Our Yoga therapist
Yolande Hyde
Level 3 senior teacher with YA, IAYT and AAYT
Registered Yoga Therapist, Childbirth Educator.

Yolande uses a combination of traditional yogic approaches and 5 element theory in the development of healing programs for clients.


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