Yoga for your Ears

December 2020
#15 Upholding The Heart – Meditations on the Fire Element
There are many doorways through which to view the transformative work of the Fire element and the organ of the heart itself. Fire as the interface between our humanness and our divinity is but one. This guided process takes you to the chambers of the highest authority and grants you a seat at the table.

This season Fire was in raging rebalance, she was incinerating clearing and undoing everything in her path. She didn’t see me, she couldn’t hear me and I in turn couldn’t interpret her teachings for the heat, ferocity and trauma were too much.

I live in a city that only had to deal with the smoke – friends in the south were fighting fires for months, sometimes two fronts at once….

So as February rolled in with the Earth Element and the rains I finally felt safe enough to approach Fire….

Collectively we are emerging from darkness into historic times. This summers fiery legacy will be the light it cast into the dark places of humanity and the return it sparked to the Heart and hearth of our divinity.

February 2020
#14 Light Breath Meditation
Take a journey through the bones of the ribs, the lungs and the experience of intentional breathing.

Music by Meditative Mind

December 2019

#13 Four Chambered Heart Meditation – Live

This is a live recording, the final process in an evening of meditation dedicated to the crystal clarity and diamond integrity of Clear Heart. I cannot take credit for the full content, it is a variation on the bootleg version of the Shamanic Four Chambered Heart Meditation by Hugh Milne.

If its gift is anything it is awareness and presence in the heart just as it is – no judgement and with nothing to perfect or improve upon. Just you and heart in heart to heart conversation about openness, fullness, clarity and strength.

November 2019
#15 Summer Seasonal energy update | I love a sunburnt country
Vision is one of the hallmarks of the season of Spring. Vision in the physical sense of a clear bright view through the eyes is just the opening statement to the deeper alignment of the Liver channels visionary capacity to our life blueprint, and deeper still to the spiritual eye that seeks to “see” all the myriad of things held within the perceived form.

Through Livers expansive vista not only are the eyes themselves clear but the path reveals itself and the Soul has the tools with which to navigate the fullness of the renewal, rebirth and becoming inherent in the potency of Spring.

November 2019
#12 Parighasana | The Arousing | Hexagram 51
This the track for those jolted, cracked and snapped awake. When thunder rolls loud in the night shaking us from the parts of us still sleeping, tearing at our resistance and causing us to break through the shell it is daring us to emerge into the bud. It is calling us to open to life renewed.

We find ourselves at thunders mercy when love and hope is lost, when betrayal penetrates our skins, when hearts break, when isolation yawns – such is its power that it disturbs the air around us for 1000 miles in all directions.

I Ching hexagram 51, the power of late spring and the big stretch that is Parighasana (Gate Pose) teaches the benevolence of violent change, how it frieghtens and shocks, but also how it clears the past and inspires our greatest life insight.

September 2019
#9  Early Spring | Trikonasana | Hexagram 14 Great Possessing
Here we are in the bright uprising of the 10 000 things where the energy of the spaces within is so brightly aligned with the energy of the land, sea and sky. Hexagram 14 / Great Possessing brings into bright focus the forces of a blazing Fire below an expansive Heaven – an alchemic orchestra of clarified strength revealing a life unfolding and expanding in the sun.

The lessons inherent in this expression are of responsibility to our greatness; to hold the lessons of the grief we have endured in our quiet spaces as we step forward into the light of extraordinary times We are called forth from the enduring nature of all that we have survived into the manifestation of a new and luminescent future self.

October 2019
#10 Early Spring Seasonal Update – Wind
Seasonal Updates – 5 Element observations and commentary from the Southern Hemisphere.

In this edition a look at the value of wind as the harbinger of change and revolution.

Wind is a powerful force, sculpting mountains, smashing a coastline, lifting unpegged laundry gently off the line or depositing a sailor safely to shore. When we hunker down and brace against it we deny its benevolence, its capacity to bring movement and change and to redirect us in positive, life affirming ways.

June 2019

#7 Late Winter seasonal energy update

In this edition a look at the value of stillness like the potency of a well kept secret.

Water is a powerful element, the only one that will come to bear on all other elements without exception. Its potency is like that of a seed that holds still, silent and patient in its wait for the spring. If the seed were to sprout too soon it would dissipate it potential and rob itself of its own momentum, so like a good secret, it must wait and be revealed in its strength.
The lesson? Even though we can taste winters wane we are not there yet. The seeds, the secrets, the potential we have been cultivating all these dark months no requires us to hold back the light until we cannot help but be drawn upward.

August 2019

#8 Virabradrasana – The Creative – Hexagram 1​

Late Winter can be the embodiment of impatience – whether a seasonal round, or a cycle of winter within the soul. When the time nears to rise again and the light is visible at the end of the darkness, the latent power of winter stirs.

This where Virabradrasana steps up as a beacon of fortitude and endurance. The warrior plants is feet squarely on the ground, he unshackles the ghosts of his wings, spreading his arms wide, and looks, with an unending gaze toward the future.
Wherever pain, loss and betrayal has caused you to dwell on the edge of tears, wherever the ache, whatever the hurt or the casualty, this moment invites you to relinquish the victim and instead choose to prepare yourself for what lifts and illuminates.

April 2019

#6 Rajakapotasana – Exhaustion – Hexagram 47 KUN

Rajakapotasana is the folded, face down, bondaged prince of the hip openers it holds within it access to all of the places where life has become unyielding.
Hexagram 47 is the herald of the tired places, and Autumn brings us to the doorstep of the all that has become too heavy to bear. This synergy is the perfect portal in which to acknowledge the places where you no longer grow, and offer them back to the forest floor.
February 2019

#5 Dhanurasana – Duration – Hexagram 32 GEN

Born one thing. Becoming another.
This month we take a plunge into the space in-between. Those moments during life transitions of grief and heartbreak where the past has dissolved behind and the future remains veiled and obscured. We are neither ‘there’ in our lives as they were, nor ‘arrived’ in the space in which we are becoming. We embody the archer whose bow is drawn back tight into the wisdom’s of the past, and whose arrow has not yet settled upon its target.


November 2018

#4 Overcoming – Upavista Konasana – Hexagram 18 Ku

What Upavista Konasana (Wide Legged Forward Fold)seeks to show us in its difficulty is the spoiling we have woven; within our hearts and souls as within the body – for this is a challenging shape, no doubt about it. Upavista calls to all the things that must change, to the deep down, craved for realignments that sit within all of us, and to the doorstep of the journey to repair we so deeply long for. This is the shedding of old skin, this is the shimmering light of a new one, an unobscured version of yourself in Springs dawn light.

October 2018

#3 The Getting of Wisdom – Supine twists – Hexagram 4 Meng

All of our edges that have folded tight as we weathered the winter begin to soften in springs fine rain and warm sun. The supine twist series offers up the perfect expression of that softening and current of expansions that live beneath it – From the seams of the temples to the soles of the feet. The I Ching counsels us to lean into Spring’s newness, to be as a beginner, to return to the wonder and awe of the child and to find joyful curiosity in not knowing in which direction we will grow when the inner body breaches the borders.

August 2018