Seasonal Musings – Winter Yoga

Into the watery deep.
Quiet enough to listen, empty enough to be filled.

Mother and Baby Yoga

Winter practice is the most delicious, most Yin and most deeply restorative of the seasonal flows. Winter opposes summers excesses and heat, in turn offering up a time of reflection, refinement and attention to our deeper internal work. Winter can seem bereft of life without the leaves, fruits and the flowers of the growing season, with trees stripped of their adornments, standing bare and exposed. In turn, winter takes us to an honest, unadorned place in ourselves where should we open the door, we will find our secreted treasures, our oldest memories and directions to that dark, quiet pool within ourselves where our essential self-identity resides. We can use the energy of this season to more deeply discover the fundamental structure of our Self.

The pathway inwards meanders along the Kidney and Bladder meridians following the back lines of the bodies’ bony, spinal structures and the seas and rivers of marrow in the skeleton, nervous system and brain. Wide thru the delta of the Kidneys themselves, the back of the knees and the inner ears. Floating, fluid, sinuous and rolling.  Like in nature, a time of meditation, containment, concentration, and the storing of our energy. We take this seasons shorter days and dark, long nights to restore and repair our reserves, those gifted by inheritance and those we have cultivated thru right rest, right food and balanced action.

Physical focus:
The back of the body from the occipital ridge to the sacrum
The back lines of the legs from the sacral joints to the Achilles heel and down to the soles of the feet.
Deep in the body to the teeth, the marrow of the long bones and the sea of marrow that makes up the spinal cord and brain.
The nerves and thier pathways form the final map of the watery structures that underly the physical body.

Emotional focus:
Winters emotion is fear, fear that we will not have enough to face the challenges of our ‘winter’ ahead; fear, essentially of scarcity. Winters potent virtue is of courage, determination and strength of will. Believed to be governed by Water, these qualities equate to our basic will to survive, the impetus to continue and the pool of strength we draw upon when we have fallen and need to rise to the surface.

Spiritual focus:
While we comment on the deepest physical structures in the body, its spiritual manifestation deserves equally deep attention, for Water takes us to the most fundamental part of who we are, its journey returns us to our source and to our true Self.

Yoga for the season is warming to the joints to encourages synovial and cranial current with vinyasa or flow like sequences, poses such as Cobra (Bhujangasana), backbends (Setu Bandha, Urdva Danurasana)  and forward bending, more introverted poses (Pashimottanasana and Janu Sirasana).   Access to these fills the reserves and awakens that place in us where our real strength, courage, and wisdom lie.
Water holds the flame of our life force, gifted to us by our parents at conception who in turn received theirs from their parents, our grandparents. This is our inherited line, our link to our past, to our ancestors and the perpetuation of which we will gift to the next generation in turn.

Come and join us for a return home through slower, more liquid practices, time for reflection and consideration before Springs germination draws us up and out of the darkness, and into the light.

Yolande Hyde

Yolande teaches;
Tuesday 6.30 am – Self Guided Practice course
Wednesday 9.30 am  – Intermediate
Thursday 10.30 am  – Easy Hatha
Saturday 8 am  – Intermediate

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