Sisters Gathering

With:Ashley Bond
When: Full moon , Wednesday August 5th
6:30 – 7:45 pm
Investment: $20

Mother and Baby Yoga
This months gathering will be honoring the Full Moon in Aquarius. Each time we gather with intention in these circles we co-create and align with Sun/Moon Balance bringing nature and evolution into our circles and our lives.
This Full Moon will be about REFLECTION and with the Air Element of Aquarius those RELECTIONS will be towards our thoughts and our Mental Health. I feel this is especially appropriate at this time.
Throughout history women have gathered in sacred circles to empower each other, to share wisdom, to laugh and to nurture each other.
This intimate gathering is an invitation for all likeminded women to come together for genuine and authentic connection, to support each other, to share and to co-create. When women gather in a Sacred Circle, magic happens!
During our time together you will be gently guided through visualization meditation, breath, sound and movement. We will also engage in ritual and shamanic practices and explore our inner wisdom through sharing and journaling in the presence of a sisterhood.
Uncover and reveal your feminine energy where others hold space for you and you hold space for others.

This gathering is open to all women, of all ages
Please bring a cushion and blanket, journal and pen, something to place at the altar and an open heart
Spaces are limited so bookings are essential.

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