Spring Seasonal Yoga Intensive

With: Yolande Hyde
When: September 28 – October 2
Investment: $130 instudio / $99 online

Mother and Baby Yoga
Spring always calls us to new beginnings – that is its place in the tide of the seasonal year. This year however will be an emergence unlike another we have known.
On both a personal and collective level we have experienced a deep and introspective winter that has created deeper insights and more profound lessons for many.
This year the unpacking will be slow and methodical to match the mood and the times, to make sure we get it right and to ensure that our direction and purpose is as sure footed and grounded as it is expansive, exciting and aligned with our destiny.

Wood element brings our focus to the shoulders, the hips and the sides of the body. An inherent tension that stimulates heat, urgency and an unfolding of our edges that can no longer wait. It teaches patience and kindness within a pressing need to grow, and delivers us into the light of something far bigger than ourselves.

Life direction | Purpose | Dharma

Spring is the moment the tiny bud perceive the beautiful enormity of the tree it belongs to.

Join senior seasonal teacher Yolande Hyde for another revolution around the Five Element wheel. Deepen your personal understanding and reaffirm, reorientate or redesign your unique soul journey this lifetime.
Bookings only
No beginners (Sorry)
Casual bookings may be available please inquire with us directly for more information and availability.

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