Justine Sandercock

Justine Sandercock

Spiritual & Holistic Wellness

Wednesdays by appointment.

Justine is a qualified Teacher, Spiritual & Holistic Wellness Coach and Reiki Healer. Lover of the Divine, Angels, Goddesses, Mother Gaia and all things Spiritual, mystical and magical. Justine’s soul mission is to help people attune to higher frequencies and remember their Divine Power.  To provide support to those who are ready to energetically let go / alchemize any limiting, lower emotions and find inner harmony, peace through transforming, clearing, cleansing the energy body.  Enabling feelings of spiritually alignment, emotional freedom and grounded, anchored energy. Especially important during this time of ascension into fifth dimension.


Justine also offers support to those on their awakening journey, as we remember that we are all incredible, divine, energetic spiritual beings. Part of her soul mission is to guide people to connect with their inner light, creating space for renewal and healing. Her offerings include Energy healing – Spiritual Attunements, Spiritual guidance / mentoring, Space clearing, online and face to face Holistic and Spiritual and Wellness courses for kids and teens.

Prior to experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, a colourful story itself, Justine taught at an independent Girl’s School for eight years.  She also ran a Drama school and Talent Agency for close to ten years; drama lessons were conducted at ten various schools. The talent agency provided opportunities for children to express their creativity in theatre, movies, commercials, mini-series, television. Justine thrived at this time, living the joy of creative expression, teaching and witnessing children blossom during their drama lessons; becoming great communicators, expressive and confident. During Drama, Justine adored seeing children’s spirits soar with joy. This led to later conducting Drama incursions all over Sydney for a Melbourne based company.  Justine was often in costume as a fairy, princess, or scientist creating magical memories for hundreds of children.  These programs predominantly focussed on social emotional wellbeing for children, Justine not only taught but also wrote curriculum-based activity student programs integrating the Drama and Wellbeing Framework outcomes.

An unexpected relocation to the UK was a very exciting opportunity, Justine’s husband coached a rugby league team in Yorkshire. Once Justine could understand the northerner accent, the family immersed themselves in the culture and enjoyed traveling around Europe.  Whilst there their fourth child was born, the cherry on top as Justine says.

A few years ago, once back in Australia Justine experienced a sudden shift in consciousness. Having always been a spiritual soul, this spiritual awakening allowed Justine to move too much deeper levels. After taking a photo where a number of spirits can be seen, her third eye was blown wide open. In the photo appeared a number of ancestors, higher self, Grandmothers, cousin, and even their past cat. The veil thinned and Justine could see spirit and later hear spirit.

As Justine’s consciousness awakened, the journey was interesting to say the least, she experienced dark night of the soul and this was the start of the metamorphosis. “You do not just wake up and become a butterfly…. Growth is a process.” Justine faced the triggers, delved into the shadow work, and learned to peel away the onion layers, releasing inner traumas and returning back home to her own true light, her own true nature.  During the awakening process, Justine learned to distinguish the voice of the ego and the voice of the soul, learning to dissolve the grips of the ego voice and move into a space of spiritual alignment, “The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal,” Huge shifts took place, what she ate, watched, music, friends, places she went – everything.  Through this process of spiritual connection, energy healing, she has now discovered flow, inner peace, and joy within the present.

Justine was drawn to nurturing her own being with high vibrations. Facing her triggers, working on her healing, so she was able to keep shifting, transmuting, transforming.  As we know this is a lifelong learning journey for us all. “A seed neither fears light or darkness, but uses both to grow.”

Shamans, mediums, spiritual healers all held space for Justine with unconditional support during her Spiritual Awakening, not to mention her angels and spirit guides. Justine embraced many wide and various courses, practicing, delving into the divine, connected, sacred place of learning.

This led Justine to also complete a Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching, as her deepest desire was to commit to the inner work and also to be of service, supporting others. Recently she has been running a Holistic and Spiritual course for kids/teens. Seeing children connect with their inner being and learn holistic and spiritual tools to enrich their lives and navigate the oceans of emotions has been magic.

The process of awakening continued on and as Justine shifted into higher states of consciousness, she was able to communicate with guides and angels. Everyday receiving synchronicities through numbers, feathers, music, animals.  Spirit guided her to energy healing. Justine could see and feel vibrations and frequencies. After studying then practicing Energy healing, including Reiki 1 and 11, her clients experienced powerful, transformative shifts. Justine is here to honour her soul calling by supporting people to cleanse and clear their energy bodies, shift, transform, transmute their lower energies, so they can feel connected to the divine, to their inner compass, and attune to higher frequencies.

Justine has an uplifting, caring, compassionate, empathetic approach towards Energy Healing and Spiritual Mentoring, supporting people to connect to their light bodies, tune inwards, listen to the heart and soul, connect to the inner guidance, spirit guides, angels, so they are able to create a compassionate, self-accepting, kind, peaceful, flourishing inner and outer world.

One of Justine’s favourite analogies is imagining she is in a car.  In years gone past she was the driver, controlling where she went, but during the process of awakening, she surrendered to spirit.  Justine moved over to the passenger seat and gave the steering wheel to spirit, knowing and trusting that spirit have a higher vantage point.

Justine passionately summarised – ‘We are here to blossom and bloom, for our souls to grow and evolve.  May we all tap into our divine power and celebrate the magnificent eternal spiritual being that we are. May we bring our light back to us, so our true nature shines and beams.’

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