Cathy Carr

Cathy Carr

Cathy Carr Level 2 Yoga Teacher

Consulting: Tuesday & Saturday

Bookings are essential call 9997 2121
or email:

Cathy Carr is a local business owner, Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach, Yoga Practitioner and mother of 2 teenage boys.   She has 24 years’ experience in the health, wellness and fitness industry and the knowledge Cathy brings from her work as a CHEK trained professional and years of wisdom gained through experience provide for a holistic approach to her yoga classes.

Cathy learnt traditional Hatha & Ashtanga yoga at an ashram in India and then went on to do her Advanced teachings through Byron Yoga.   She has also studied Kids Yoga and Kids Yoga Therapy.

Cathy’s classes are authentically designed, congruent with the seasons, working on specific organs and elements. Each class is concluded beautifully with meditation. Cathy encourages a personal ownership over the practice that is free from expectation, judgment and pain. There is a sense of security that comes with Cathy’s comprehensive understanding of what constitutes optimal health and wellbeing. Cathy’s passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is genuine, infectious and real as she leads by the example of her teachings. In her spare time, she loves to do art, creating mandalas & healing oracles – a creative expression of the soul.

“Yoga with Cathy has been life giving and instrumental in my healing process – I have full confidence in entrusting her with the guidance of my mind, body and soul. There is a level of peace, safety, letting go and release I experience that is unique to my yoga practice with Cathy. Cathy’s energy, light and love is like no other and I feel blessed to be in her yoga space” Lisa S.

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