Cristina Berrios

Cristina Berrios

500 hour trained seasonal yoga teacher & yin yoga teacher

7:15 – 8:30pm Mondays  – Yin Yoga

Cristina offers a centered and compassionate teaching style that crosses all boundaries and encompasses all students.

Yin Yoga teacher Cristina brings 15 years of practice to the may and offers her deep and steady notes to Monday nights. Yin is a passive practice done seated or supine (lying down) over bolsters, blocks or supports and held for 3 – 5 minutes at a time. Cristina’s passion and dedication to the Yin practices, solid background of study with senior teachers including Judith Lasceter and naturally warm and uplifting presence are the strengths that she offers all her students in an accessible and nourishing teaching style.

Noticing how yoga has offered emotional balance, physical freedom and a deeper sense of peace in her own life, she feels passionate about spreading the benefits of the practice. In class, she invites students into a journey of self-discovery, working with seasonal elements and the subtle energies to access deeper levels of freedom in the physical and emotional bodies. By increasing body awareness and focusing on the breath-movement connection Cristina’s classes are a wonderful physical experience and an opportunity for deeper inner connection.

With her calming and gentle nature, Cristina’s yoga sessions leave you feeling a nourishing sense of wholeness.

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