Yolande Hyde

Yolande Hyde

Principal teacher & owner


Yolande teaches at the Mona Vale studio

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 – 7:30 am Pranayama (Breath work) practice. Level 2
Wednesdays 05:00 – 6:15 pm  Seasonal Hatha. Levle 1 -2 
Saturdays 07.00 – 8.15am Seasonal Hatha. Level 2 -3 

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Seasonal and Five Element Specialist Yoga Teacher
Renowned 500 hour Level 1 and 100 hour Embodied 5 Element Advanced Teacher Trainer 
Owner Yoga and Health Collective, Mona Vale
Yoga Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy & 5 Element Acupressure
Seasonal Pod-caster
Prenatal Yoga specialist, Doula and Childbirth Educator

Yolande Hyde has taught Yoga for over twenty years on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. She is a highly experienced and intuitive Seasonal Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist. Her creative class sequencing, woven storytelling and ability to take her students on a felt and experiential journey has seen her labelled the “Shakespeare of Yoga”… Yolande is a teacher of teachers.

The roots for Yolande’s passion for Yoga were laid in the Physical Culture and Classical Ballet classes she attended throughout her school years. Around the age of 16 she joined her first yoga class. The seeds were sown and well-watered over the years as she dived deep into study of the Iyengar system and its emphasis on physical structure as well as educating herself in Classical Hatha Yoga and practicing Ashtanga for ten years.

The philosophies of the Taoists and Traditional Chinese Medicine were of deep interest to Yolande, and in her 20s she consolidated her personal practice with Ki Yoga founder, teacher and Shiatsu therapist Jack Marshall of Zen Renaissance Healing in Bondi Junction.

This two year training covered the seasonal energy patterns of the Taoists, the meridian systems of Masanaga as applied to specific therapeutic yoga postures, and the balanced approach of whole food philosophies. A very special fire was lit. Following graduation Yolande worked in a mentor role for Japanese Yoga teacher trainers in their final year and taught classes in Sydney’s Bondi Junction.

Yolande credits the influence and opportunity to train with several senior teachers as both her lineage and inspiration – Usha Devi, Sal Flynn, Leigh Balashki, Donna Fahri, Rick Birrell, Sylviane James, John Kirkwood, Gye Bennetts, the Worsley Institute and her well-thumbed I Ching oracle – redefining and refining her yoga teaching, practice and all round approach to functional and philosophical yogic practice.

Yolande has emerged from her thirty years of yoga practice, study and teaching as a one of a kind Seasonal Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer. Her students relish her eye for detail, strict physical alignment and her ability to take her students on a deep emotional and spiritual journey. Peeling back the layers, students emerge spiritually re-energized and reconnected.

Yolande’s 500 hour Teacher Trainer Level 1 courses are well regarded and known for creating distinguished and diverse teachers. Yolande demonstrates strong technical acumen and eye for detail and demands this of her students also. Students are generously encouraged to take a very individual and personal learning journey, honing individual skills and with deepened knowledge of 5 Element Theory, Ayurvedic medicine, Pranayama and Meditation, amongst so much more. Student teachers have moved confidently and capably into the world of Yoga teaching both nationally and internationally.

Yolande’s 100 hour Teacher Trainer Embodied 5 Element courses are
a deep dive into the seasons and their associations, the elements, the psychology and spirituality, the organs, and the channels along with the wonderful ancient philosophies that underpin this deep and historied system. This course, undertaken over a seasonal year in five concentrated Element-based seminars, is a rare treasure that aims to draw the known and lived experience of the seasons into a personal and rich teaching narrative. An invitation to teachers to access a deeper teaching voice and offer a greater bridge to healing and connection for their students.

Contact:yolandehyde@gmail.com or on 0410 538 960
Yolande’s “Yoga for Your Ears” podcasts can be found at https://soundcloud.com/yolandehyde 

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