Yoga FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Yoga at The Collective.
Do I need to bring my own mat or equipment?

Absolutley! In this day and age it is essential that you bring all your own equipment to every class. This includes a yoga mat and something to use as a strap (like a belt or scarf) at the minumum. 
If you have a bolster, yoga blanket/towel or yoga block that would be awesome too. 
None of the equipment at the studio is available for your use inline with government, industry and community expectations at this time. Its a case of please dont ask us as refusal may offend. 

Do I have to book a class or can I just turn up?
Yes you will need to book before you come to class. * Link to how to book page This is especially important for the busier classes and the beginners courses otherwise you may leave disappointed. To book is easy and can be done with a phone call to our reception team on 9997 2121, by email hello@yoga& or by downloading the super easy to use mindbodyconnect app.
If you cant make it to class after all simply unbook yourself BEFORE the class starts the same way you booked in.
Where should I park?
Free undercover parking for up to 3 hours is available underneath Woolworths in Park Street, alternatively on-street parking is available with time limits sign-posted. The other easy place is a short walk away at Kitchener park where free all day parking is available.
I haven't done any Yoga before. Where should I start?
Come and join our highly regarded 5 week beginners course, or attend casually by choosing any Level 1, ‘beginner friendly’ or ‘all levels’ class on the timetable that suits your schedule and book yourself in for the class over the phone, thru the mindbodyconnect app or online. Not all classes suit all students, so the best thing to do is to try out some different teachers and styles to help you to decide which classes are just right for you.
Can I Do Yoga Even Though I Am Not Flexible?
Absolutely! Yoga is for every body on the planet. Don’t let the cover of Yoga Journal fool you. The less flexible you are often the more stable you are, and also the more you will enjoy seeing your body unfold. Not doing yoga because you aren’t flexible is like not having a bath because you are dirty.
What is the right amount of time to wait after eating, before practicing yoga asana?
Two hours after you eat is generally when you have an empty stomach and it’s okay to practice yoga. If you are starving and want to practice yoga but need some nourishment it’s fine to eat a banana or have a little juice to sustain you through the practice. After you practice I would wait 30 minutes for your body to reacclimatize and then eat. This way your body won’t go into food shock
If you are pregnant it can help you avoid head spins in class if you have a little something before practice.
How often should I practice to have the best results?
When your first starting out try going twice a week then after one month start going three times per week. If you end up going 5-6 days a week (which is awesome) make sure you always have at least one day off so your body can recuperate. Also if you are practicing yoga almost everyday its good idea to mix up the style (i.e. Vinyasana one day, gentle the next…)
Is Yoga Just Stretching?
Yoga has the reputation of being all about a good stretch and it does have that lovely quality of wellbeing that comes after a big stretch however the aim of the teacher is to help you find length (different to stretch) with stability and strength in the right places, and softness and release elsewhere.
Is Yoga a Religion?
This is more of a question about the difference between religion and spirituality. No, in a word, Yoga is not a religion but it does have deep spiritual roots and spiritual awareness is at its core. Spirituality, unlike religion is not something you learn it is something you discover – if you want to. Yoga can be practiced as a purely physical science, we call this asana.
Will Doing Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?
The quick answer is yes. The long answer involves attention to nutrition and lifestyle.
Can I practice yoga during my period?
During a woman’s menstrual flow blood is leaving the body with gravity and yoga is a wonderful support for this process. If you suffer from premenstrual discomfort most practicing yogis find getting on the mat better than a Panadol however it is considered unwise to disturb this important process by inverting the body into handstands, shoulder stands or other upside-down poses. Downward dog is appropriate but full head stand, shoulder stand or handstands are contra indicated. Another caution is for deep twisting poses which can interrupt the elimination and letting go of the uterus. Overall many women feel less energy during menstruation and this time of conservation can be respected by opting for a gentler style of class or giving yourself permission to slow down and be gentler as you practice in your usual sessions.
Can Men Do Yoga?
Although in the west yoga is attended by more women than men, it was traditionally male dominated. Many men love the stronger aspects offered by asana practice as an entry point to their practice. With different bodies and biological experiences to women, men’s experience on the mat is often described as a wonderful coming home.

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